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Pre-Inspection Checklist:

Before your Home Inspection Appointment Please Arrange for the following:


The client/client’s agent is responsible to confirm appointment for the inspection with the seller/seller’s agent and inspector.

Access to the property:

The client provides the inspector with one of the following: Supra Key access, lock box code, or details on who will be allowing entry to the home at the time of the inspection.


The client is responsible to ensure all the utilities are turned on so that the inspector can complete a full inspection. If the inspector arrives and all of the utilities are not on, the inspection will be completed minus the impacted system(s) and will be charged regular price. There will be additional fees if the inspector is requested to return to complete the inspection due to all utilities not being turned on.

Pre-Inspection Agreement:

The agreement must be signed before the inspection is completed. The client will receive a separate email with this document.  

Sample Pre-Inspection Agreement


Payment must be received before the Home Inspection Report is sent. If the client is meeting the inspector for a walk through of the home after the inspection payment can be made at this time. If the client does not elect to meet for a walk through, payment can be made over the phone at  801-631-5630.

Payment methods: Cash, Check, Credit Card