Get a meth test with your home inspection

Meth Testing For A Home Inspection

Methamphetamine use is a serious local health issue. It’s amazing how nobody knows anyone that does meth, yet so many houses fail meth tests. If you’re thinking this is something that is in another neighborhood across the valley, you’re wrong. Tests fail in every class type in every area of Utah.


Utah Home Inspection -Your house and water runoff

Your house and water runoff – Utah Home Inspection

During a Utah home inspection, one thing that is important to think about as a home owner is water runoff.  Without the proper components there are several areas that could be a point of entry for water intrusion into your home.

Top 3 reasons to get a home inspection.

To find out the condition of the home you’re going to purchase.

This one is obvious. The main reason buyers get a home inspection is to find out as much as possible about the condition of home they are interested in buying. A certified inspector gives the buyer the best chance to accomplish this because they know the specific things to look for during the course of an inspection.


Finding a Home Inspector

During the home buying process, the home buyer goes through a whirlwind of events. For the most part they depend on a number of people to guide them to make important and expensive decisions based largely on blind trust.The home inspection is one of these events. The buyer should be able to expect a thorough home inspection and walk away with a good understanding of the condition of the property. You need a good home inspector. (more…)

What Is a Home Inspection

Hi! I’m Chris.

I’m Chris Lynch, owner/operator of Reliable Home Inspections. I am a Certified Master Inspector and a member of InterNACHI, International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. I’ve been performing home inspections, as well as meth testing, radon testing and mold testing, for over seven years. (more…)