Home Inspections

A home inspection is a limited, non-invasive examination of the condition of a home, often in connection with it’s sale. Home inspections should be performed by a home inspector who has the training and certifications to perform such inspections. The inspector prepares and delivers to the client a written report of findings. The client then uses this information to make informed decisions about their pending real estate purchase.

The home inspector describes the condition of the home at the time of inspection but does not guarantee future condition, efficiency, or life expectancy of systems or components.

Home Inspections:

Homes under 2000 sq ft:$325

Homes 2000-3000 sq ft:$375

Homes over 3500 sq ft:$0.11/sq ft

Condos and Townhomes:$275

Multiple Units: +100 per additional unit

Additional Services:

pricing with Home Inspection:

Radon Test: $100

Meth Test: $125

Mold Sample: $125

Mold Inspection: $250 and up, call for estimate

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Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging is included with all inspections. Infrared technology is used in a variety of fields, from medicine to meteorology. At Reliable Home Inspections, we use infrared scanning, or thermography, to determine whether a house is properly insulated, has dangerous electrical connections and/or possible leaks.A passive, non-contact technology, thermal imaging can provide 2D images in real time with a thermal sensitivity of less than 0.1°C. Thermal imaging is the only non-contact technology on the market capable of delivering detailed real-time LWIR (Long Wave Infra-Red) images.


To the naked eye the first image shows no evidence of moisture around the fan. The purple coloring in the second image indicates moisture, that was verified with a moisture meter.  


This thermal image indicates moisture inside the wall.  

What is Inspected

  • Structure of house
  • Exterior of house
  • Interior of house
  • Electrical System
  • Plumbing System
  • Heating and Cooling Systems
  • Roof
  • Kitchen and Appliances
  • Garage and/orcarort
As a Real Estate agent, finding a reliable, thorough and well versed home inspector is invaluable, not only to my business, but to my clients and the biggest investment of their lives. I have used Chris with Reliable Home Inspections on well over 30 transactions. He is detailed in his inspections, makes sure the clients understand the information he provides, and his reports are easy to read and document the condition of the home in a very detailed manner. Chris is my #1 choice for home inspections and I send all of my business to him. Why? Because he takes care of my clients and ALWAYS finds a way to get me scheduled, even when I’m short on deadlines and need an inspection ASAP. He always delivers. There have been numerous times that Chris has pointed out items during an inspection that has saved me a lot headache, and my clients a lot of money. If you’re looking for a reliable home inspector, you can’t go wrong with Chris at Reliable Home Inspections.
#1 Choice for home inspections!
Michael M. - Realtor